Introducing DO NFT

  1. Deploy new modificators (AI-based or other algorithms) (represented as a unique NFT-modificator token), animation technique, or any other type of content processing algorithm for community usage.
  2. Modify owned NFTs using the whole palette of algorithms and filters, creating new unique pieces of digital art.
  3. Bundling a few NFTs into one NFT without generating new content.
  1. The smart contract system that provides the bundling/unbundling mechanism, effects and modifiers management, and many more. The DAO will whitelist collections of modifiers and associated with them the effect processors.
  2. An effect processors which are services that modify graphical and, potentially, other types of content using various algorithms. Such algorithms can be not necessarily Machine learning / data science, but also any other algorithms that create new content based on the original one.
  3. The storage, where protocol stores data necessary for the operation of contracts and the effect processor in a decentralized way.



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Permissionless modification of ANY NFT with custom modifiers Do[NFT] is a protocol that allows to create NFT that can own other NFTs.